Best Ski Rentals Near Reno

We’ll be honest with you. This is only a fraction of the total number of ski rentals in Lake Tahoe, not to mention the rental shops right here in Reno. It took us long enough just to track down and provide some basic summary information about these reputable, brand-name ski rental stores. Nor do we have the time and patience to track down the pricing information for all the local ski stores. Here’s the good news: There are companies out there who do! If you’re looking for a simple solution, you can find whatever ski rental shop is closest to your lodging choice with even a halfway decent reputation and probably get exactly what you need. If, however, you’re looking for premium sporting skis, cheap rentals, or group discounts, we suggest this website for finding discount Ski rentals as well as lift tickets, lodging, and other accommodations.


Rock House Discount Ski and Snowboard Rental

Address: 1098 Ski Run Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Sunday 8AM–6PM
Monday 8AM–6PM
Tuesday 8AM–6PM
Wednesday 8AM–6PM
Thursday 8AM–6PM
Friday 8AM–6PM
Saturday 8AM–6PM
Phone: (530) 600-0450

Featured Review: Phenomenal customer service and a reasonable price point. I spoke to the owner, Robert, on the phone a few days prior to our flight and he was great about providing information about weather expectations and did his best to work with our schedule. When we arrived, Robert and the rest of the staff really went above and beyond not just during setup but also to check on lift status for our group.


Rainbow Mountain Ski & Snowboard Rental Shop

Address: 1133 Ski Run Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Sunday 7:30AM–7:30PM
Monday 7:30AM–7:30PM
Tuesday 7:30AM–7:30PM
Wednesday 7:30AM–7:30PM
Thursday 7:30AM–7:30PM
Friday 7:30AM–7:30PM
Saturday 7:30AM–7:30PM
Phone: (530) 541-7470

Featured Review: Personable and knowledgeable staff. The Powder house staff showed a genuine concern in gearing us up for fun and safety. The process of renting and returning our equipment was super smooth. The staff multi-tasked well with several patrons in the store.


Rip N’ Willies Ski & Snowboard Shop

Address: 1144 Ski Run Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Sunday 8AM–6PM
Monday 8AM–6PM
Tuesday 8AM–6PM
Wednesday 8AM–6PM
Thursday 8AM–6PM
Friday 8AM–6PM
Saturday 7:30AM–6PM
Phone: (530) 541-6366

Featured Review: Great place to rent skis and great for buying a pair of their demos. I have rented skis from this place for years and have bought a few pairs of skis. Not a corporate feel at all, local shop with friendly service no matter who is working there and more flexible about things than other shops. Get you in and out as quickly as possible and have other good merchandise to sell.


Tahoe Dave’s Skis and Boards

Address: 590 N Lake Blvd, Tahoe City, CA 96145
Sunday 7:45AM–7PM
Monday 7:45AM–7PM
Tuesday 7:45AM–7PM
Wednesday 7:45AM–7PM
Thursday 7:45AM–7PM
Friday 7:45AM–8PM
Saturday 7:45AM–8PM
Phone: (530) 583-6415

Featured Review: We rented skis from the Tahoe City location. The people were super knowledgeable and helpful when it came to selecting a pair of skis for that day on the mountain. Super friendly staff! It rained on one of our rental days and they were very accommodating with us and let us push it back to the next day, which was 24 inches of fresh powder! Great trip and this experience here made it even better!


Powder House Main Store

Address: 4045 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Sunday 7AM–9PM
Monday 7AM–9PM
Tuesday 7AM–9PM
Wednesday 7AM–9PM
Thursday 7AM–9PM
Friday 7AM–9PM
Saturday 7AM–9PM
Phone: (530) 542-6222

Featured Review: Purchased my ski boots here, the staff were amazing. I have been back twice and each time the staff met and exceeded my expectations! I also rented demo skis,. Once again the staff were incredibly helpful. You can change the demo skis out as many times as you desire, plus, if you purchase your skis from there they will deduct your rental payment from the price of the skis!


Mountain Mike’s Tees and Skis

Address: 1219 Emerald Bay Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Sunday 7:30AM–7PM
Monday 7:30AM–7PM
Tuesday 8AM–6PM
Wednesday 8AM–6PM
Thursday 8AM–6PM
Friday 8AM–7PM
Saturday 7:30AM–7PM
Phone: (530) 544-4783

Featured Review: We came here to pickup some snow shoes but they do rent many other equipments at a decent cost. The snow shoes were $14/day ($15 after tax) on a Saturday. It’s a little tricky to find them but look for A LOT of brown carved bears outside which I plan to buy one sometime in the future. The bears run from $400 – $4000 depending on the size. The workers didn’t try to upsell at all. We came around 3pm (which is late), they let us borrow until the next day if we wanted to. They gave us a recommended trail nearby (Fallenleaf Lake) and we had a great time. The trail is about 10 minutes away, is about 1.5 hours to complete, and the lake was beautiful.


The Ski Renter

Address: 1093 Ski Run Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Sunday 7:30AM–7PM
Monday 7:30AM–7PM
Tuesday 7:30AM–7PM
Wednesday 7:30AM–7PM
Thursday 7:30AM–7PM
Friday 7:30AM–7PM
Saturday 7:30AM–7PM
Phone: (530) 544-2100

Featured Review: Phil makes enjoying Heavenly Mtn easy with his expert knowledge and great attitude. One of the best ski and snowboard technicians, who still regularly slides down mountains at full tilt himself. Consummate professionals, and awesome dogs, on property. Fantastic place to make your winter vacation dreams come to fruition. Well done, Phil and Ray.


Pyramid Peak Ski and Snowboard

Address: 3433 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Sunday 8AM–6PM
Monday 8AM–6PM
Tuesday 8AM–6PM
Wednesday 8AM–6PM
Thursday 8AM–6PM
Friday 8AM–6PM
Saturday 8AM–6PM
Phone: (530) 541-3565

Featured Review: Good People. Expert equipment repair and tune ups.
Geoff the owner and hands on repair expert raced for years knows skis and bindings.
You can be assured you will get quality and performance rentals.


Tahoe Ski Company

Address: 3131 Harrison Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Sunday 8AM–6PM
Monday 8AM–5PM
Tuesday 8AM–5PM
Wednesday 8AM–5PM
Thursday 8AM–5PM
Friday 8AM–5PM
Saturday 8AM–6PM
Phone: (530) 600-0267

Featured Review: They told me that there was a bike cart was available. So, I completed filling my paperwork and there was a lady behind me on line and she had not started her paper work yet, then they told me she will get the available cart that I supposed to get, because she was before of you. After a long argument, they gave me $10 discount.


Heavenly Sports

Address: 1001 Heavenly Village Way, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Sunday 8AM–9PM
Monday 8AM–9PM
Tuesday 8AM–9PM
Wednesday 8AM–9PM
Thursday 8AM–9PM
Friday 8AM–9PM
Saturday 8AM–9PM
Phone: (530) 542-2859

Featured Review: Cute little village at bottom of Gondola ride. They had a yummy store at the bottom that sold water taffy. Very tasty! And very friendly young clerk that weightthe there, too. You can find 2 different places to rent skis & gear. Very convenient to order night prior & pick up right before you head up the mountain!