Best Places to Mountain Bike Near Reno

Reno is an often-overlooked escape in the American west, but the area has everything an adventurer needs to have a good time. In fact, western Nevada is home to some of the best mountain biking trails in the country. Suit up and get ready for some vertical fun—here are our top five mountain biking destinations in the Reno area.

  • Bootleg Canyon. This destination boasts close to 35 miles of singletrack biking. It feels as though there is a train for everyone here, whether you want a relaxing, post-work ride or a steep, technical descent. Some of the trails can be quite rocky, but everything is ridable. For those wanting some extra speed and gravity, there are some killed downhill trails to explore.
  • Badger Pass Loop. This trail is part of the Blue Diamond system, which sits mostly on the northern side of Highway 160. It links to many trails in the area, making it an excellent add-on or entrance point. The Badget Pass Loop has fairly good signage at all important intersections. It is an entirely singlet rack trail with a slow, steady climb toward fun, technical downhills.
  • Blue Diamond. Blue Diamond has some of the best high desert singletrack routes in the country. The firm desert floor makes the tight, sinuous trails fast. With around 30 miles of terrain and some excellent climbs and switchbacks, this is an essential stop for Reno-area riders.
  • Bedell Flat. This beginner, 10-mile trail will take just around 45 minutes to complete—perfect for a first or second ride out. The trail has less than 500 feet of climbing, but there is enough sand to make portions fairly challenging. The area itself is stunning, boasting wild horses, antelope, and deer.
  • Galena Creek Trail. This 10-miler is trickier than it looks. With more than 2,000 feet of vertical climb, the intermediate trail passes through the manicured grounds and upscale homes of the Montreaux Golf and Country Club. Beyond this, the surroundings return to a natural state and the path begins to disappear in a tangle of brush and trees.