Best Places to Climb Near Reno

Where there’s elevation, there’s good climbing, and the Reno area is no exception to that rule. While Southern Nevada might be the more sought-after climbing destination, the western part of the state has its own share of fantastic climbs. Often just a short drive from Reno, these pitches are some of the best in the state—and they come with a pretty incredible view, to boot. Here are our top five climbs near Reno.

  • The Seamstress. The Seamstress is a fantastic rock to climb. Flat, steep, and tall, this piece of wall allows explorers to use deep finger jams to get to the top. The seams are relatively thin and tricky, but there are dozens of moves to take recreational climbers to the top. There are several rocks in the landing, so be sure to bring a fall pad.
  • Mountaineers Route. This piece of rock juts out at a 70-degree angle. Escaping at the top can be mentally difficult, but the first couple of moves prove to be the hardest physical feats. This route is on the most east corner of a boulder, and climbers won’t need any sort of fall pad protection.
  • Silver Surfer. This steep, crimpy pitch is not for the faint of heart. With sloping holds and no options to traverse, climbers must travel straight up the boulder. The view from the top is well worth the physical effort, even though the boulder itself is just 15 feet tall.
  • Crescent Moon Direct. The Crescent Moon Direct is nice a craggy, allowing for firm foot and handholds all the way up. The maneuverability allows for a diverse range of climbing techniques, and the boulder’s relative shortness (around 15 feet) means adventurers should feel comfortable testing out some new tricks.
  • Shootin’ Blanks. A shiny bolt around 2/3 up this face provides some good support for novice climbers. You’ll need both power and finesse to make it to the top of this wall, though. When climbing here, use a minimum of two pads and a spotter—a fall could be disasterous.